yoni         landau

Former White House OMB and Robert Reich staffer. Co-founder of CoFED.org, a campus food co-op organizing non-profit. Non-profit, organizing, and advocacy consultant. Yale MBA

Cassandra      Kifer

Data nerd and digital communications consultant. Former organizing researcher at SEIU. Grassroots activist with Together We Will - San Jose. 


Debra Cleaver, Vote.org, Managing Director
Matt Traldi, Indivisible, COO
Kenia Morales, America Votes, Nevada Director
Larry Litvak, Credo Mobile, former CFO
Jennifer Warner, Organizing for Action, Executive Director
Lloyd Cotler, Hillary For America Texting Program, Director
Lisa Edwards, Barbara Lee, Campaign and Congressional Staffer
Billy Wimsatt, Movement Vote, Founder
Michael Moscella, DKC Analytics, Director of Innovation
Chip Evans, Reno ’16 US Congressional Candidate
David Slifka, Founder, Amplify

Rapid Resist is a 501c3 fiscally sponsored organization of Inquiring Systems. We do not directly lobby or endorse candidates for office. Rather we provide services to grassroots activists engaged in legislative and issues advocacy. For a detailed overview of c3 law, please see Bolder Advocacy's resource on the issues.

Rapid Resist Action is a California 501c4 that conducts direct lobbying to stop the hateful, backwards Trump agenda and defend prosperity, democracy and dignity for every working class American.