yoni         landau

Former White House OMB and Robert Reich staffer. Co-founder of CoFED.org, a campus food co-op organizing non-profit. Non-profit, organizing, and advocacy consultant. Yale MBA.

Cassandra      Kifer

Data nerd and digital communications consultant. Former organizing researcher at SEIU. Grassroots activist with Together We Will - San Jose. 

Jacinth Sohi

Four years scaling community operations at Uber, previously at Google. Founder of EngageProgress, providing low-cost digital to Dems. Philosophy, Politics, & Economics grad at Claremont McKenna.


DC based political consultant, Excel guru, lover of all things Quant finance related, '16 Virginia coordinated campaign alum.



  • Matt Traldi, Indivisible, COO
  • Sally Boynton-Brown, Association of State Democratic Chairs, Former President
  • Billy Wimsatt, Movement Vote, Founder
  • Michael Moscella, DKC Analytics, Director of Innovation
  • Nathaniel Pearlman, Founder NGP VAN
  • Robert Creamer, Democracy Partners
  • Dan Garon, Chief of Staff to Marc Pincus, Zynga CEO & Founder of Win The Future
  • Kath Delaney, Madera Group

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