What we think about salaries.

It is so important that those working to do good in the world don't burn out. And yet, something feels a bit funny when you have the heads of organizations devoted to eradicating poverty making millions of dollars. Of $6.4 billion spent on the 2016 election, how much of it was spent to actively make the lives of those left out of the American dream better?

We strive to structure our pay not just around the labor market, but to actively push our dollars and programs towards dis-invested and ignored communities. We believe that those fighting for working class people shouldn't be getting wealthy doing so. 

We are also a start-up trying to stretch every dollar and our leadership team sets the tone by limiting their salaries to keep the pay scale flatter. That means that some folks working with us may be paid substantially below their "market" wages.

We do take into consideration the financial needs of our employees during salary negotiations - whether folks are likely to have access to social and financial capital that would enable them to feel they have a more secure future. We also move people towards a "market" salary as they stick with us.

Thanks for your interest and feel free to send questions, complaints and rants to yoni@rapidresist.org